Mamanda Royal Wellness Confinement Cookies



Introducing 6 delicious flavors of LAC+ Lactation Cookies!

🍪Triple Chocolate
🍪Chocolate Chunk
🍪Strawberry White Chocolate Chips
🍪Very Berry
🍪Milk with Low GI

@ $15 per box
Delivery $10

🍓6 Flavours @ $85 with free delivery

Maternal & Lactation Formula
(Rumusan untuk Ibu Hamil & Menyusu)

1 box (7 Sachets) $15
Delivery $10

🎁5 Box @ $75 with free delivery

LAC+ Lactation cookies are designed to help breastfeeding mothers to boost milk supply & comes in Triple Chocolate flavor! 🍫

🍓All 6 delicious flavours of lactation cookies and Milk Formula for MOM are available for pre order purchase 1 st July Joint Order .

✅LAC+ Lactation Cookies are HALAL certified.