Restaurant & Events
An iconic Malay-theme restaurant offering authentic Malay cuisine in an exclusive ambiance.
Wedding & Catering
A place where guests always know they will get the best of Malay hospitality and gastronomy.
Culinary & Academy
A Work Skills Quality Approved Training Organisation & Accredited Course.

Selamat datang ke MAMANDA

MAMANDA adalah panggilan hormat dari Sultan untuk para menterinya.

Istimewanya MAMANDA kerana di sinilah sajian Melayu disantap dalam suasana gemilang Istana, dilayan bagaikan berada di singgahsana. Setiap hidangan mempesona dilihat, maka selera pun terpikat dan citarasa pun tertambat.

MAMANDA mempersembahkan sajian warisan, mementingkan kesegaran bahan, keaslian rempah ratus dan kesenian Timur agar ia tetap menjadi lambang sajian yang diperhalusi dengan kaedah memasak tradisional, diperisakan dengan herba berkhasiat dan dijalin dengan rempah ratus dan ramuan yang terbaik.

~ Datuk Bendahara ~

MAMANDA @ Rumah Bendahara

Main Entrance
Gedung Kuning
Sultan Gate
Night View of Mamanda
Vintage Pendant Light
Wood Carving @ Main Entrance
Lounge Area
Datuk Bendahara
Handcrafted Copper Pineapple Table Lamp
Raw Hand Crafted Round Table
Long Table in Laksamana Room
Handcrafted by Skilled Artisan
Handcrafted Swing Door
Vintage Brass Tepak Sireh
Vintage Mirror

Our Product & Services

Iconic & Authentic Malay Restaurant
Iconic & Authentic Malay Restaurant

Welcome to MAMANDA.

MAMANDA celebrates the era of Malay cultural refinement, social elegance, and general prosperity. MAMANDA is an iconic Malay-theme restaurant offering authentic Malay cuisine in an exclusive ambiance. Our guests includes tradition seeking diners, tourists and companies who are fascinated by the Malay culture within a heritage setting.

MAMANDA is a warm and friendly place that offers an insight into the Malay culture, paired with excellent food and unsurpassed service. It is a place where guests always know they will get the best of Malay hospitality and gastronomy.

Come and experience an iconic restaurant the heyday of the Malay Sultanate in Singapore.

Unique Heritage, Inviting Atmosphere & Royal Roots
Wedding Venue
Unique Heritage, Inviting Atmosphere & Royal Roots

MAMANDA is housed in a 173 years old historical mansion. The mansion was once home to Tengku Mahmud, heir apparent to the Sultan’s throne.

MAMANDA boasts a wide range of authentic Malay cuisine that have been lost through the years. The royal cuisine of the past and exciting menu of the Malays will once again be available to your invited guests.

MAMANDA brings back to life the soothing Malay music you can experience to cherish and remember on your wedding day. With its unique heritage, inviting atmosphere and royal roots, there has never been a better time to book your wedding at MAMANDA.

Call our In-house Wedding Planner to find out more about our packages and a non-obligatory site visit.

Home & Office Delivery Meal Box and Platter
Delivery Service
Home & Office Delivery Meal Box and Platter
No matter how many people your company is planning to feed, you will appreciate how easy we make it. Ordering or working with our team, it’s all about meal planning done right.
WSQ Accredited Training Organisation
Culinary Academy
WSQ Accredited Training Organisation

MAMANDA Culinary Academy, is a boutique culinary academy specialises in Malay cuisine. We emphasis on giving quality training to our participants.

The small size allows the participants to learn and share their love and appreciation for fine Malay food, while honing their skills to enable them to move on to become chefs, restaurant managers or culinary entrepreneurs.

You may use your SkillsFuture credit to make payment for the classes. No cash payment required provided you meet with the criteria.

Learn Malay Culinary and Cultural Appreciation
Heritage Journey
Learn Malay Culinary and Cultural Appreciation

The majority of Malays in Singapore are Muslims and to understand this aspect of the community, participants will learn about the key tenets of Islam and its obligatory practices.

What better way to end the session than by tucking into a sumptuous lunch of Nasi Ambeng dishes at MAMANDA?

Our objectives is to have a holistic understanding of the Malay community. This will encompass cultural and culinary aspects.

An appreciation of the significance of the Kampong Glam district as a focal point for the Malay-Muslim community. It is also to heighten cultural sensitivity by enhancing awareness of the cultural perspectives of the Malay-Muslim community.

Join us for this exciting cultural escapade! Call our sales team for group booking.

NEA Licensed Caterer for Indoor & Outdoor
Catering Services
NEA Licensed Caterer for Indoor & Outdoor
We pride ourselves on our excellent Malay food specialities. We also offers a variety of different services to satisfy every customers' needs. We offer a number of different cuisines from our set menus such as Western, Asian, International and Local Delights.
Unique Venue for Corporate Events
Unique Venue for Corporate Events

MAMANDA is an ideal event space for an array of corporate events and private functions. With a selection of indoor and outdoor spaces available to choose from, there’s something for almost any occasion.

It also a great place for private events such as seminars, product launch, training, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, baby showers, family get togethers, and other memorable occasions.

Call our Sales Executives to find out more about our packages and a non-obligatory site visit.

Unique Heritage Products
Unique Heritage Products

Hand pick from all over the region and one of its kind. We have small selection of batik sarongs, tippins, bags etc.

Come and take a look.

Our Management

Zulkarnine Hafiz
Zulkarnine Hafiz Director

He is responsible for leading the team to form long-term channel partnerships including undertaking market development and project management roles to inculcate the education in the hospitality industry, implementation of capacity building programmes and branding initiatives.

Testimony to the entreprenual spirit, Zulkarnine was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2004.

Masmunah Abdullah
Masmunah Abdullah CEO

She has more than 17 years of experience in marketing and project management. She is currently the CEO of Mamanda, Fig & Olive, Pak Dollah, Beta Bakerie and M9 Procurement.

She manages the accounts, budgeting, operations, marketing and human resource. She is actively involved in the strategic and implementation of company-wide strategy campaign and the implementation of financial systems for all the companies.

Norzailina Nordin
Norzailina Nordin Consultant Chef

She supervise all related culinary activities and oversees food consumption, requisition and develop new recipes. She standardize recipes to ensure consistent food quality through constant R&D with her team. She plans menu items and costings.

In addition she ensure proper equipment operation, maintenance and food safety in kitchen. Her portfolio includes to oversee special catering events and offer culinary training.